Thursday, June 07, 2007


Close your eyes and count to ten
I will got and hid but then
Be sure to find me.I want you to find me
And we'll play all over
We will play all over again


When l was 6 or 7 we moved to Rumble Beach (now Port Alice). A small townhouse kindof
town with a small wading pool just up the street from us. It was round and green and
about a foot deep. I wandered in that pool, sat down in it, and finally layed on my stomach
with my arms stretched out and my face down holding my breath.
I was swimming. I held my breath and l was swimming.
I was so excited that l ran home and told my mom to come and see me swim.

There's a baby swimming in Amy's tummy right now and when it's born, when
he or she comes running to me, arms flapping, dripping wet and telling me to come
see them swim, l will.

just draw it...

There is nothing ugly in art except that which
is without character, that is to say that which
offers no outer or inner truth.


Whenever l give a workshop l always tell my students..."anyone can draw"
And l believe it, you pay enough and you could get a monkey to draw.

Now l know that a well executed drawing can be very lovely and beautiful
but look at your fridge, the only pictures that make it up there are drawn by a
two year old. Why - well they are drawn from the heart, drawn with emotion.

You can always recognize those well executed drawings copied from photographs,
stiff and without life. The sad thing is were all afraid to draw, to create,
its taken from us in grade seven. If you see something, feel something,
remember something, just draw it, draw it in all its stumbleness, draw it
awkardly, draw it blindfolded, just draw it from the heart.