Tuesday, December 26, 2006

making promises...

I am leaving now, l am going to make some promises, some promises of love...

spitting off the bridge to see how far it is...

Thank you C.C.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

when l am a man...

When l am a man, then l shall be a hunter
When l am a man, then l shall be a harpooner
When l am a man, then l shall be a canoe-builder
When l am a man, then l shall be a carpenter
When l am a man, then l shall be a artisan
Oh father! ya ha ha ha
-Kwakiutl Indian (from The Family of Man)

...sometimes l remember that there is magic and mystery to this world.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

canadian tire revisited...

well you're high on top
of your mountain of woe
come on up to the house
well you know you should surrender
but you can't let go
you gotta come on up to the house


...in case you've forgotten to lick the stamps.
my canadian tire monies art-trade

every saturday night...

I let the dog out
But he didn't come back
Stood on the corner until
My feet got wet

This is Huey.
I've known him since 1993, use to chop his firewood back then.
and sometimes he would get me to fix something at Muriels.
Muriel is his girlfriend and he calls her "girl".
Huey has the most patience l have ever seen, Muriel doesn't.
I remember driving them both to Calgary one year.
Took us all day and all night and Muriel got very tired.

I have done three paintings of huey.
He is a beautiful man.

and he gave me a ring
that was worn by his mother
and he takes me out dancin
every saturday night.


Monday, December 04, 2006

this moment...

This moment is all there is

Friday, December 01, 2006


Mike. Doesn't work for me anymore.
I'm too old now.
I get to wonder about tomorrow, will it ever come?

Ken. Why do you say that?

Mike. Inconsistency of living. Do you ever think of that? Inconsistency?
I came here thirty years ago.
My brother told me l'm lucky to have a place like this or something like that.
Thiry years.
I've got little or nothing to show for it.
I just dig out some damned old junk from the refrigerator,
whatever the hell l can find to eat.
And then l go to bed.
Eat and sleep.
Sleep is my narcotic.
To forget the past. Forget the future.