Friday, May 15, 2009

I spy...

"In this state of life, however, I remained some time, uncertain
what measures to take,and what course of life to lead. An irresistible
reluctance continued to going home;and as I stayed away a while,
the remembrance of the distress I had been in wore off,
and as that abated, the little motion I had in my desires to return
wore off with it,till at last I quite laid aside the thoughts of it,
and looked out for a voyage."

-(Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe)

As l mentioned, l'm in a group show at the Evergreen Cultural Centre

Alternative Identities...we were to take on a different identity and well,
make some pieces with that in mind. You know, l fantasized of being a
spy when l was young, l would dream of wearing a long white overcoat,
having a little leather kit of tools, the kind that gets you into any locked
door. So l don't know why l didn't pick that identity, anyways l decided
on Robinson Crusoe...

This is a box l made with a large lens that you peek through and inside,
two figures, a man and his dog. Here is a little detail of what you see.

...and the painting l made

I tried to be Robinson Crusoe, or to feel, quiet, secluded, wandering alone
in my head.
I tried to think of what l would miss... I worked quietly
with my hands, picking
up things that laid around, stitching, little pieces
of wood, little frail pieces of
fabric, building a memory.

La',tout n'est gu'ordre et beaute',
Luve, calme et volupte'.
(All in simply order and beauty
Generosity, calmness and sensuality)