Friday, May 15, 2009

I spy...

"In this state of life, however, I remained some time, uncertain
what measures to take,and what course of life to lead. An irresistible
reluctance continued to going home;and as I stayed away a while,
the remembrance of the distress I had been in wore off,
and as that abated, the little motion I had in my desires to return
wore off with it,till at last I quite laid aside the thoughts of it,
and looked out for a voyage."

-(Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe)

As l mentioned, l'm in a group show at the Evergreen Cultural Centre

Alternative Identities...we were to take on a different identity and well,
make some pieces with that in mind. You know, l fantasized of being a
spy when l was young, l would dream of wearing a long white overcoat,
having a little leather kit of tools, the kind that gets you into any locked
door. So l don't know why l didn't pick that identity, anyways l decided
on Robinson Crusoe...

This is a box l made with a large lens that you peek through and inside,
two figures, a man and his dog. Here is a little detail of what you see.

...and the painting l made

I tried to be Robinson Crusoe, or to feel, quiet, secluded, wandering alone
in my head.
I tried to think of what l would miss... I worked quietly
with my hands, picking
up things that laid around, stitching, little pieces
of wood, little frail pieces of
fabric, building a memory.

La',tout n'est gu'ordre et beaute',
Luve, calme et volupte'.
(All in simply order and beauty
Generosity, calmness and sensuality)




Aleksandra said...

What is it in your work,your precious compas for a bear,your way's with words and materials,colors,mistic ways that makes me whant to cry out loud from inner beauty,not to describe with this power mouth of mine!Love you man, for beeing such a.... such a beautiful soul,thank you.Stay save and give my love to those precious loveones of yours,and a wouf to cider.
I was a Spy,wearing long,heavy, black leather coat,I regulary stumble in it,it was to big for me.

Manon Doyle said...

I just love coming to your blog Ken! I feel so much emotion from your work. It truly moves me.
BTW... all your work is absolutely terrific and the box is amazing! I'd love to actually look through the lens in person.

kenflett said...

Sandra...that's a perfect cover, stumbling along in your long black overcoat, know one would have ever guess :)
Thank you for your lovely words.

And thank you very much Manon,
yes better to actually look in the box, kindof like spying on someone.

Renee said...

Mr. Crusoe have you been found.

It looks wonderful and unique and interesting and rustic.

How was the show? Did you enjoy it?

Love Renee xoxo

Caio Fernandes said...

to find your blog was a precious thing . i have nothing to say , just that i am coming back more times.
i have a blog about my paints and poetry , very diferent of your , but i believe that the spirit is similar.

well , thau!

CathM said...

Ken. I love the idea of ‘alternate identities’--- creating a space that defies definition or perhaps even transcends... I enjoyed Robinson Crusoe very much as a child, but I fantasized about being a ‘nun’ (lol)... I spy magic and music in the medley of your images and words.

Btw, love the Baudelaire quote!

Julieta said...

wow, that is so amazing! It's incredible what you can create. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work of art with us!

kenflett said...

Renee, i think perhaps it was you that went missing.:) I hope your feeling well. Thanks for coming by.
The show just went up, and the opening is next weekend.

Caio, was a pleasant surprise, thanks for visiting. I briefly looked at your blog, your work is quite amazing. I will look again tomorrow with more time.

Julieta., nice to have you visit. :) Thanks so much.

kenflett said...

Catherine the nun...has a nice ring to it. Thank you for your thoughtful words and for coming by. I appreciate it.
ps. l think alot of writers use alternative identities?

Windsong Pictures, Helena said...

Love to come back soon.

kenflett said...

Thanks for your visit Helena. I enjoy your images as well.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a beautiful and meaningful exercise for us all: to try and remember what we would miss if we were to be stranded like Crusoe on a deserted island, away from those we love, and the life we built out of that love.

Hope your show went well, Ken.

kenflett said...

That's a nice comment Nancy, thank you.
Yes we seem to get pretty comfortable in our lives and should retreat to isolation to remember. :)

RachelW said...

I like the idea of the box, with the lens. What a wonderful idea, and it's beautifully constructed, too. I want to peek inside.

kenflett said...

I'm glad you came by Rachel, thank you. :)

Caio Fernandes said...

i see you have visited my blog , it is a honnor.......i admire your work and and view of the world.
last time i came here i read a lot of tom waits senteces too .you maybe think it weird , i like his albuns but when you dont have english as your first language , to listen some musics gets realy hard to understend the lirics...and his voice is beutiful , but doesnt make it easyer. thanks for write some parts.
the people you show at the pictures they are real for me, e pretty much remembers me the time i lived in london and had to find food in the winter, into the garbage cans ( hubish as they call) and cents coins on the side walk. it was the happiest moments of my life .but for be sincere , i just came back to sao paulo , because i missed a sofa and sit coms on tv.
tanks . dont want to tell you what to do ,but i am waiting new posts fron you.

kenflett said...

Thank you Fernandes. I like the way you write and think. and of course the way you paint.

Pierre Raby said...

These are wonderful pieces for the show Ken! So evocative... just like your ever inspired writing.

kenflett said...

Thank you so much Pierre. I always enjoy you visits, means alot.

James Parker said...

Incredible work and intriguing thoughts, Ken. I've always turned to the Moody get stimulus for the mysteries of the universe, keys of the kingdom ...and a few answers. If we don't make the journey "out and in" occasionally...we just stagnate.

kenflett said...

Nice to hear from you James. :) Interesting thought, "out and in", it is good to leave your comfort zone, as you have done by leaving c.r.
Moody blues, l saw them a hundred years ago in calgary, but l was more impressed with the open, stevie ray vaughn. :)
take care james.

Renee said...

Hello my lovely friend.