Thursday, May 04, 2006

rust and canadian tire paper...

Step right up, step right up, step right up,
Everyone's a winner, bargains galore
That's right, you too can be the proud owner
Of the quality goes in before the name goes on
One-tenth of a dollar, one-tenth of a dollar, we got service after sales
You need perfume? we got perfume, how 'bout an engagement ring?
Something for the little lady, something for the little lady,
Something for the little lady, hmm
-tom waits

clayton was by again today and gave me some more canadian tire money and it got me thinking. I want you all to send me your canadian tire money. Yes come on, you will never use it, it will sit in your glovebox or kitchen drawer until you move out, you'll leave it with the dirt and dust. So l got a deal for ya. Send me your canadian tire money and l will send you some rusty metal. Yes yes it's true l give clayton double the value in coin but unless your homeless l will give you a rusty metal stranger instead. The more c.t. money you send, the better the shape. Here's a couple of examples of what a couple pieces of C T paper will get you.

So for those that would like some rusty stranger but don't live in canada, well l don't know what your gonna do, send me something that would equal this, something you have found, a old piece of glass, rusty bottle caps, old postcards, jackknives, old fabric, comeon doit. Here's my address; kflett, 3728-6th Ave.,Port Alberni, BC., canada, V9Y-4M1

this bikeman made from rusty cans and given to my bestfriend mike. You would need to have quite a wad of C.T. paper to get something like this.

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