Monday, May 01, 2006

vacum salesman...

...the hood and his girl haven't been around this week but...the other night a guy trying to sell me two twenty gallon cans of paint. Then at one am l'm outside routing through my rusty metal like a rat in peanut butter and l hear a shout from across the dark street. "Hey, Hey." It's the paint guy again, this time he has a vacum in hand. "Hey, you want to buy a vacum - ten buck." "No thanks, l'm busted ." He looks across the street at the neighbors house..."Guess their asleep hey." "what you doing up so late, can't sleep?" "Ya" l say and then ask him why he is up so late. "Can't sleep either." he says. Damn l should had ask him what the hell his is doing selling vacum cleaners at one in the morning.

Clayton was by again yesterday - everyday. He didn't bring me anymore dead lawnmowers but he did bring me some more canadian tire money. Boy, one day l'm gonna walk into CT with a wad so thick the tellers will cry.
clayton missed his "respectful relationship" meeting, and his probation meeting. I told him to tell them that he is homeless. "I am homeless" he says.

"A DragonSlayor's Whisper" (rusty metal, leather, bees wax, cat)

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