Monday, May 21, 2007

deep patterns...

To work our way toward a shared and living
language once again, we must first
learn how to discover patterns which
are deep and capable of generating life.

-timeless way of building

It's been awhile since clayton has come by. Everynow and then
l see him riding down the alley on his bike.
Slung over his sholders, a black platic bag stretched tight with bottles.
It's alot of work collecting bottles, and for very little money.
l see people dumping off there truck load of beer cases at the depot
why not just leave them in the alley and put a smile on
someone's face.

What some men will do here for diamonds
What some men will do here for gold
They're wounded but they just keep on climbing
And sleep by the side of the road

There's a hole in the ladder, a fence we can climb
Mad as a hatter, you're thin as a dime
Go out to the meadow, the hills are a-green
Sing me a rainbow, steal me a dream



Gillian said...

i like the baby very very much
i would like to try that branch twisting stuff
and i like the stones inside it too

Jen said...

Tell Clayton about the person in English Bay who parked an empty shopping cart next to a garbage can with a sign marked "bottles and cans." Rumor has it he or she made $250 dollars a day doing that. People want to contribute, they're just lazy.