Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a small fire...

Well I don't need anybody, because I learned, I learned to be alone
Well I said anywhere, anywhere, anywhere I lay my head, boys
Well I gonna call my home

...l could smell the smoke ten minutes before l found him
I was taking the boy for a walk, to the gully around 6:30 am.
We crossed the stream and saw him, a man sitting, squatting crossed legged in front of a small fire.
Little round logs burning slowly with smoke, he had collected some rocks to put around the fire
and there was a blacken pot next to it. He put his hand up against his head when l approached
kept it there like a shield, didn't say too much, neither of us did, just some light words.
He must be from out of town, else he would have hidden himself further north in the gully
and l think he wanted to hide.

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