Friday, September 07, 2007

breathing heavy...

The seasons can turn on a dime,
Somehow I forget every time;
These things you've given me
They always will stay
They're broken... but I'll never throw them away

...these are Sunshine's goats. beautiful animals, they seem so clever, almost tricky

...this one reminds me of coming home from school and watching
"The Flying Nun" everyday.

Martha had goats too...
I use to visit Martha, she lived on many acres in Bowser and
she had many goats. She was in her eighties, out digging in her vast garden,
herding her goats, tending her chickens, chopping her wood. I can't describe her
place, nor her, but it was so complete, "quality without a name".
Her beautiful old sheds and outbuildings, turned silver with age, dancing like.,
her knarly old fruit trees breathing heavy, the soil in her garden
you could smell the richness from the highway. And Martha, silver too, like
the wood, her eyes still bright and filled with want.
I heard from Sunshine that Martha is in a home now.
It seems so wrong, so sad, Martha should be on her land, she should
have died there on her land,in her garden, with her goats.

Maybe when our story's over
We'll go where it's always spring
The band is playing our song again
And all the world is green


Gillian said...

i told you didnt i about keeping goats
next year Amy will understand about being a milk animal as i did in the70's
goats are tricky and very smart
and gregarious
i liked them alot
but then again think of the devil... te he

aRt cHiCk said...

So you are hitting it off with Sunshine. Did she give you those parts for your truck?
art chickie

Julieta said...

you have such an incredible way with words. It's a shame she's not with her goats anymore. But memories can be just as beautiful and peaceful. You know, I used to want a goat. I would've named him Tug. When I was younger I wanted a goat and a duck. The duck would've been named Fred Quackers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, i don't know if you remember me but I also went to ACA (84-86) was also in Photography. I live in Victoria now and saw some of your awesome work at a gallery yesterday. Is PA Port Alberni or Port Alice? Anyhoo, I also have a blog: I thought it interesting that we both took photography and both ended up doing mixed media work! Take care,

Tracy S.

ken said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate them all.
Julieta, you should get a goat and a duck, you could put them in ken and margo's back yard, they might not notice for awhile. :)

Hi Tracy, it is port alberni, although sometimes l wish it was port alice. I will go look at your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure whether to reply here or over there, haha! Thanks for the kind words and for the link, I can always use some real resources. I don't know dale roberts but have a feeling he was showing near Tofino this summer when i was out there, and i meant to go check that out but didn't get around to it. My folks moved out to Port Alberni in November, maybe we will cross paths sometime!