Friday, October 03, 2008

a smoldering fire...

There are really three gifts, simultaneous in their effect:
blind hope, fire, and craft (techne').They open up wonders-
and terrors-to human creatures, the wonders and terrors
of being fully cognizant and sensitive creatures of earth.

-eileen gregory (summoning the familiar)

I like the idea of knights, of cowboys, l like stories from
the great depression, l like the history of the gold rush.

Rob has lived in the gully on and off since he was seven, he use to run away
from home and hide there, sleeping under the tree branches.
He knows how to keep dry...

They change their camp every now and then, sometimes because of the city,
sometimes because of the cops, sometimes for a change of scenery.
Rob, Cindy, and Bobby, this was the core - everynow and then
someone else joins, another body curled up on the ground, the
disheveled head of hair sticking out like a scarecrow.

Rob's a good person, like's my dog, tells me stories that l haven't heard before.

I am welcomed when l visit their camp. On cold mornings and when there is
a smoldering fire we huddle around it, feels like a Louis L'Amour novel.
A sense of belonging, a sense of longing.
We need communities based on this...

and the road was like a ribbon and the moon was like a bone
he didn't seem to be like any guy she'd ever known


AlekSandra said...

I am deaply touched by your,their story,how beautiful.Happy Valentines Day,to you,your loveones and to them,the happyest coppel,so it seems.Love from malena.Adieu.

kenflett said...

Happy valentines day malena.
thank you so much.