Sunday, February 28, 2010


"I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do,
that was one of my favorite things about it,
and when l first did it,
l felt very perverse"
-diane arbus

Do you remember when your friend became your friend?

I have been thinking of friendship, and wanted to tell a
story of friendship, of love but l will have to wait till
l return. I am off to Singapore.

I have been busy the last couple of months, made three little men.
The one above is the Belgian.

...and this is the Berliner.

and here is the Quiet One

...he carry's a sword made from silver plated copper.

I have also made a couple pieces for a valentines show,
some more embroidery and a mosaic using old floor lino.

if you want to see you will have to go to my website but
it is somewhat mature content.


This work of a child never,
fails to make appeal, to claim us,
because it is always honest and sincere,
always imbued with that magic certitude
born of direct, spontaneous approach.
-henry miller

So l have been invited to Singapore for two weeks to do a little
art project with many young children. I will be helping
them make little paper dolls from newspaper, and l will
decorate a wall with stencils and other debris.

The interesting thing is the process, trying to come up with
something that is pleasing and something that young
children will wade through.

This is newspaper and l used linseed oil to push the ink around.
It sort of reinforces my echoing thoughts, that you don't
really need anything to make art, it is all at hand.
It brings out the bricoleur in me.


l will leave you with another gem that l found at the thrift store,
Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane, released in February 1967.



Caio Fernandes said...

briliant post again . i liked the news paper bear a lot .

on this video , is great how sober is her interpretation of the music . she is fantastic .

i am still trumatised and pissed with the fact on your last post i had writen a comment for 40 minutes and when i went to publish it didn't work .
as my internet sucks new as it did before .
see you Ken !!
i sish to see you more ofen .

bracelets and handcuffs said...

love your new work ken flett.

and and and what a wonderful "job" you have in store. have a fine time.
best of luck,

Woman in a Window said...

At the prompting of my love I found myself here a few weeks ago and find myself looking forward to your posts as though I am hungry and you are a garden, or a really big paper bag full of groceries: good ones, you know, like spinach and potatoes and chocolate. Just sayin' - you feed me. Thanks.

Have fun in Singapore!

Manon Doyle said...

Hey stranger!!

Your little men are awesome!! Love them all!
Singapore, eh? That is a blast!! I'm sure you'll come home with many stories and pics to share. Have a great time and take care!!

layers said...

your 'dolls' are incredible. and you are right about not needing much to create art-- do you know about James Castle? a deaf mute who grew up on a remote farm and had nothing but spit, soot and a stick to draw with on the back of old cards and papers--
have a great trip to Singapore.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Blossoming Friendship stories are wonderful to read, sometimes you can not believe it's happening while it's happening! Looking forward to your writing.

What a great meander, from Arbus to bricoleur work.

kenflett said...

Thank you Caio, always makes me smile when you come by. glad to hear your book is doing well, good idea.

Manon, yes l've been a stranger, winter has kept me busy. Your blog is looking very full and lovely and you certainly deserve your sunshine award. I like your new sketch of trees.

Thank you Donna. Your always leaving me with interesting names, l sure enjoyed looking up james castle and seeing his work.

kenflett said...

Robert, nice of you to come by. Thank you. Hope your getting some sun and wet grass up there.

Thank you Erin, i am happy you were prompted. :)

kenflett said...

Thank you very much Jayne, for your visit, and comments. I appreciate that.

ALeks said...

Hei,hei,Ken is back,how wonderful is that? :O)Hope you had a unmeasured much fun with the hundreds of kiddos and you learned from them as they from you as I hope your little family is all snugged and hugged again,:O)
As for your latest post,what shall I say,I keep wondering how in Gods name are you able to make those tiny stitches and everything,incredible and I wish I have a half,no one 3.of your creativity,boys are fabulous:O)Great! Now i will say bye,bye and keep the art floating trough blogland universe,love,light and peace,

kenflett said...

Aleksandra, so nice when you write, thank you. and you are full of creative power, your work speaks of it.
Yes singapore was good, the process is always very enlightening.

Pepe444 said...

Great post, and great song!


Momo Luna said...

Oh my, i sometimes have the same problems as Caio, for writing a comment and it didn't end up here. :-s Grrrr. But my internet doesn't suck, it's me clicking the wrong button or something.
Well i left a comment on wishing you a good trip and all. I'm a bit frustrated you didn't get that. Well, now i'm here to look if there's a new post because you're back and i wanna tell you welcome back dear Ken. I hope this comment will reach you. I loved this post a lot, i'm glad you had a wonderful trip, so i'm looking forward to your new post. Just like Woman in a window i also look forward to your great posts. Oh yeah, before i forget it; your three new guys are adorable.
And like Caio i love the newspaper bear a lot!
So, now i'll end this comment before i bore you with too much blablabla. ;-)

Sweet greetz for you and your lovely family, Monica

Manon Doyle said...

Welcome back, Ken!! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Can't wait to hear the tales of your travels!

Crissant said...

WAW, great great work!!! Lovely Post.
Jefferson Airplaine, so good memories.

kenflett said...

Thank you for your visit Pepe, l am enjoying the discovery of your blogs.

Momo, so nice when you come by, your son's blog is quite wonderful.

Thank you Manon, nice to see you had some fun in the sun, good to get re-energized.

Crissant, thanks for your comments, your black and white photographs are really lovely, and nice to see someone using polaroids :)

Yoli said...

What a beautiful project and your dolls are so lovely. Have a wonderful time in magical Singapore

kenflett said...

Thank you so much Yoli :)

ALeks said...

Ken I just came from William's place and I love his newest post about you and your frienship!Cheers!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I love your work. I like the newspaper idea a lot, but I'm totally crazy about the paper dolls! Your creativity astounds me.

kenflett said...

Thanks so much for coming by Sharmon, and leaving such a nice comment.
I am enjoying your blog, you have some beautiful work on there. Especially liked your last post on paper and books.