Thursday, April 19, 2007

the orange chair...

art is a burning bush that both shelters
and makes visible our profounder longings.

...the orange chair has been with me for a decade and some.
It is a dear old friend because of the memories buried deep in its grain, in the layers of paint.
mike labrie had it first...back in 1995

after mike died l received the chair, well the orange chair and his sewing machine.
the chair still stands, the sewing machine still sews

...years later while wandering around the streets of victoria l heard some shouting
crossing the street l find Alister sitting cross legged on the sidewalk
I asked him what he was shouting about...

I did a painting of Alister ("alister starbuck and his book of revelations")
Near the bottom left l put a color print of the orange chair.
I ran into alister a year or so later and he asked me why l put a picture of a chair in the painting.
"...a place for you to sit" l told him

the chair sits in our kitchen now, every now and then l am reminded of its power.

"Places which are comfortable are comfortable because
they have no inner contradictions,
because there is no little restlessness
disturbing them."

(timeless way of building)


Gillian said...

OH Ken Ken Ken
there is no one like you is there!!!

Erika said...

How is it that a tale of an old orange chair can be so moving?
Once again, wonderful.

ken said...

Erika and Gillian, you guys are very nice, thank you so much.