Tuesday, March 20, 2007

bone of winter...

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel
the bone structure in the landscape
-the loneliness of it -
the dead feeling of winter.
Something waits beneath it -
the whole story doesn't show.

-andrew wyeth


Angelyn said...

Just found out about your artworks when I do research on mixed media artists. I like your ways of adding layers and layers on your works. you are right when you said lives are built by layers and layers of experiences. I like spring and summer becoz I believe in hope in this life.

ken said...

Thank you for your comment, l appreciate it.
...spring, summer, fall, winter, there is hope in all of them.

Mermaid Girl said...

And yet there is beauty in loneliness...a non traditional, hidden beauty that only those who are open to it, shall see.

I really love your blog, every time you post I find it challenges me to think and to explore beyond pre-conceived notions.

Thank you for that :)