Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I"ve been ready to ka boom for a week
Put on your stockings and your powder and blush
Keep it all on the hush, hush, hush


I have a love/hate relationship with "The old school house art gallery.
...but if your looking for cheap art, it's the place to be feb 1st to the 6th.
They are having a become a art collector deal, only 250. for any of the work.
I am giving them this piece above "the dragonslayers return"
So take a trip to Qualicum, buy some cheap art,
it's really not a bad way to spend money.

"This beauty is within us at the bottom of memory.
It is the beauty of a flight which revives us,
which puts the dynamism of one of life's beauties within us.
In our childhood, reverie gave us freedom.
It is striking that the most favorable field for receiving
the consciousness of freedom is none other than reverie...
it is in reverie that we are free beings.
A potential childhood is within us."

-Gaston Bachelard a carrot still in the ground over winter, check fucoid


June Saville said...

I'm pleased our paths have crossed. Your blog is beautiful and it is thoughtful.
I see you visit 70 Plus and Still Kicking, my blog of observations.
I think you may be interested in my writing blog Journeys in Creative Writing. Vikki of Red Chair thinks writers are artists too, and have a lot in common. I'm with her.
June in Oz

kenflett said...

Thanks so much June. I will look at your other blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Put on your stockings and powder..what a riot! I like this blog, I will be back to follow when you return.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow

Frank Ordaz said...

Great Blog...I look forward to future posts


C.J.Duffy said...

Tom Waitts eh?

Does it for me.

Some great art and images here.

kenflett said...

Thanks alot Frank. I appreciate that.

And thanks Clay., your blog is very interesting.

kenflett said...

Thank you c.j.duffy
Your blog is powerful.

CathM said...

Have had a wander around you blog space. I like the different textures and juxtapositions of images, poetry, and thoughts! A really cool blog! ps I wandered in from Faith’s blog... in case you were wondering (lol)!

kenflett said...

Thank you wanderer. :)