Thursday, April 06, 2006

...piss and vinegar

"How many years ago

Were you and l unlettered lads

Mad as the mist and snow."

This is my brother Darryl on a bus in Calgary. He was young, brave, tough and stupid. He is still tough and brave but in a contained way. Many years ago when l lived in calgary l had him come live with me. He was just getting out of a program for young, brave, tough and stupid kids. Well one night he had a party, l was tolerant and when they all left at one or two am l noticed one of them taking a bottle of my finest wine. Actually it was only some cheap redwine but it bothered me so l approached him and asked for it back. His friend a mountain of a man pushed me and said "fight him". Well l had a choice fight the mountain or fight the winethief. I fought the winethief but goddamn he was like a badly run yoyou kept getting back up, over and over. Finally everyone tired and went home but l never did get my cheap redwine back.

I love my brother Darryl.

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